LinkNBuild has a team of consultants who have worked across construction, mining, logistics, manufacturing and many other industries to create distinct bottom-line value. We work within head offices as well as on individual projects and affect the bottom line from a variety of strategies, ranging from organisational alignment (how does the CEO's priorities filter through to the front line, and the results push their way back up in an effective and pragmatic way?) to operational improvement (What is the current and impending set of site bottlenecks and what are the top 10 initiatives we can deploy to 'debottleneck' them?).
Our solutions may include software (ours and other high quality vendors), but it may also include very simple operational tweaks, defined meeting rhythms or clear strategic planning. Give us a call today to discuss how we can apply our value-focused approach to your high potential business.

Case Studies

Critical path reduced by 1 month Crane productivity increased by 54% Solved 40% labour overspend Eliminated Subbie walk-off risk