Increase your crane fleet productivity by over 53%

We offer a crane booking and productivity tracking application, which drives broader site efficiency.


Request crane slots

Stakeholders use a simple interface to request crane slots, and are incentivised to plan better. They can view crane plans and current activities in real time.

LinkNBuild is optimised for laptops, tablets and mobile devices - whiteboards and outlook calendars are things of the past.


Centralise planning

Approved planners accept / modify requests, taking into account project priorities, shift and break times, equipment maintenance, weather forecasts and past operator performance.

Now, there is no such thing as an "out of date" plan.


Track performance

Operators interact with the plan, giving you lift cycle times and performance against plan on real-time dashboards, which we install on site.

Transparent accountability for crews, supervisors, planners and subcontractors is now your fingertips.


Receive value-focused reports

We tailor value-focused implementation plans to each site, and our flexible and targeted reporting ensures the value is realised.

Achieve value in week 1, improve from there and rest assured that the wheels will never fall off. SMS, email and in-app notifications allow proactive management.


World-class support

We have decades of experience implementing value-focused systems on site. Our turnkey approach requires minimal resources from clients.

Leverage our experience in proactively aligning site stakeholders and resources so traction is gained immediately and value is locked in and accelerated.

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